Easy WordPress Staging Site

clone your WordPress site and test updates

WordPress Staging Site

WordPress has updates for plugins & its core often.  We always suggest having a staging or dev site to work on and test with.  This hasn’t changed, everyone should always work on a site that is not their live production site.  No need to risk hurting your website if you don’t have to right?  Before the solution was to use a hosting provider that made this easy for you like GoDaddy or WP Engine.  Otherwise you could make a copy of your website with various backups such as Duplicator and then migrate your site to a new directory or subdomain to test on.  This is a common method and works great, i’ve been doing this for years.

However this past few weeks I discovered new plugin that does this automatically and has been amazing to use.  The plugin I’ve been using is called WP Staging and so far has worked like a champ.  This plugin takes the manual processes out and does it all for you in a sub-directory.

If you have  WordPress site and currently update your site without having a staging site you are playing with fire.  Save yourself some time & aggravation down the road and install this plugin now and test everything out on your new staging site.  If it doesn’t break anything then you can perform the same things on your live production website.

Plugin Link: https://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-staging/