WordPress Best Practices

Managing WordPress the Right Way

Many people think that just having a website is all you need to do to have a presence on the internet.  A fancy WordPress theme, some cool plugins and your business is good to go right?  If only that were true.

There is a lot to do even after you have launched your site.  Please please don’t just set it and forget it.

There are many things I could go on and discuss but i’ll focus on the big 5:

  1. Security
  2. Backups
  3. Performance
  4. Content
  5. Customizations


This is the one item many people ignore or don’t realize until its to late.  Just like your car, your WordPress site does require maintenance.  If you wait to long and don’t update your WordPress site or plugins you run the good chance of getting hacked.  Just like getting an oil change in your car, make sure you update WordPress. Regular maintenance is required and necessary.   There are always bad guys trying to get in also so they can send spam or create phishing attacks.  So I recommend using a plugin named Wordfence. Wordfence has a lot of great free features such as login security, security scanning, monitoring, blocking and more.

  1. Update WordPress often as needed
  2. Update Plugins as often as needed
  3. Update  your Theme as often as needed
  4. Install Wordfence and check that regularly


Everyone wishes they had a backup after something bad happens.  Be proactive and get a backup strategy in place today.  There are many plugins that will do this for you. UpdraftPlus Backup and Restoration is a good one.  Duplicator is also another nice one and makes moving sites from one server to another easy too.

Performance (speed)

This is a big deal now days, everyone wants their website fast and Google also wants this.  Your website should load at around 2 seconds.  If its slower you could be losing visitors and therefore losing leads & sales.  The plugin I recommend to help with speed is W3 Total Cache it has several great features built in. A great website to check your websites speed is gtmetrix.com.


In order to have people keep visiting your site you need to keep your content fresh.  This also helps with SEO so start a blog and post to it as often as you can. If you make a few pages and never update it you will see a decline in visitors. Content is still king so keep it fresh and keep it coming.


If you are customizing your site at all by editing files. Please create a child theme. If you edit core WordPress files or theme files you will lose those changes when they are updated. Your hours spent on customizing will be lost (unless you backup often, see above).  There are plugins you can use that will create child themes. I have never used  a plugin to do it I do it by hand one so I can’t recommend one or the other.  But its crucial if you are making a lot of design or coding changes.